Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

What is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?

People who have obsessive compulsive disorder experience persistent and recurrent thoughts, images or urges which they find irrational or unwanted, and which cause them to feel anxiety or distressed. They typically believe that these thoughts or images mean something negative about them, for example that they are a bad or dangerous person, and consequently feel worried. They then feel compelled to do something to reduce the anxiety they feel or to get rid of the thoughts and images. This may take the form of a repetitive behaviour or ritual. The thoughts and behaviours seen in OCD take different forms. For example some people may repeatedly wash their hands in response to fears of contamination, others may repeatedly check that doors and windows are locked because of a persistent doubt, whilst others may try to mentally push thoughts out of their head because they find them very unpleasant.

What do we offer in our service to help with this?

Most people that we see with OCD are offered either our Fighting Fear group or individual Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. We also have workbooks on OCD so can see people for guided self-help.

You can find links to self-help leaflets and books on OCD on our Resources page.