What is insomnia?

Insomnia refers to a significant difficulty falling or staying asleep, or both. People can find themselves lying awake in bed for long periods of time with their mind racing and worrying about the consequences of not falling sleep. This can lead them to feel anxious and tense, which makes it even harder to fall asleep. People with insomnia typically report poor quality sleep and not feeling refreshed when they wake up in the morning.

What do we offer in our service to help with this?

If people would like to try a psychological approach to their difficulties with insomnia, including making changes to their bedtime routine and environment, then some sessions of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy could be helpful. We tend to offer sessions of guided self-help for insomnia. The workbook that we use gives suggestions of changes that people could make to their routine and bedroom environment which have been shown to help improve sleep.

You can find links to self-help leaflets and books on Insomnia on our Resources page.