What is anger?

Anger is something that we all experience from time to time and is a normal human emotion. However sometimes it can get out of hand and people may experience anger particularly frequently and intensely, and can find it difficult to control. Other people may comment to them that their anger is a problem.

What do we offer in our service to help with this?

Our Overcoming anger group is the main thing that we offer for this. However it’s really important that you see anger as a problem that you would like to work on; if someone else has told you to come along but you don’t think that you have any difficulties with anger then talking therapy isn’t going to be effective.

Working on your difficulties in a group setting is a particularly helpful way of doing this. However if you really don’t want to attend a group then we do see people for guided self-help or one-to-one cognitive behaviour therapy.

You can find links to self-help leaflets and books on Controlling Anger on our Resources page.