Fighting Fear

Is fear and worry taking over your life? Do you experience intense fear or anxiety in specific situations or in response to specific things? Do you struggle to manage intense and distressing physical symptoms at these times?

Are you overwhelmed with some or all of the following thoughts?

  • What if people think badly of me and I embarrass myself in some way?
  • What if I go mad or have a heart attack?
  • What if something bad happens (in relation to work, family, finances, relationships)?

‘Fighting Fear’ may be for you!

If you suffer from a phobia, excessive worrying, panic, or social anxiety, this 10-week programme will help you understand how fear and anxiety have become a problem for you and what keeps it going. We then support you to develop and learn strategies to overcome these difficulties.

This programme is based on emerging evidence for the effectiveness of treating a range of anxiety disorders/problems in this way. There will be plenty of time in the sessions to work on your specific difficulties.

Feedback from previous attendees:

It really helped me understand my symptoms and how I can work at my problems at a comfortable pace that suits me.’

‘I was unsure at first but it’s been SO great meeting with like minded people who truly understand and can empathise with your own experience.’ 

‘I feel like I gained a lot that I wouldn’t have on my own, and I’ve made some true friends. It made it fun!’


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