Physical health

At Hounslow IAPT, we have recently started to offer an integrated physical health condition service, where we are able to provide specialised psychological support for people who have diabetes, COPD and/or cardiac conditions.

Having a physical health condition can be daunting and frustrating. Many people who experience the physical issues that come with many physical health conditions often feel like they should be feeling low or anxious about their health. Whilst it is normal to feel this way, at Hounslow IAPT we provide support to help you to manage the low mood and anxiety difficulties, so they have less of an impact on your health and make your condition easier to manage.

We have specially trained therapists who work with each specific physical health condition, who are able to provide cognitive-behavioural-based interventions to help you to learn ways of managing your psychological wellbeing, which in turn can improve your physical wellbeing.

Take a look at the different conditions we support below to see how we can help:

Cardiac conditions

Please note that we do not provide physiological treatment for your physical health conditions.