Wellbeing for Mums

– One in 10 women suffer with post-natal depression and anxiety but it often goes un-diagnosed – 

Are you struggling to cope since the birth of your baby? Feeling, low, irritable, worried or overwhelmed?

This is a 6 week group programme for both Mothers and their babies. It is based on a Cognitive Behavioural model, run jointly by the Hounslow IAPT service (Improving Access to Psychological therapies) and the Midwife Team. During the weekly group sessions we will aim to cover the following areas:

    •  Understanding the need for new mums to dedicate time to nurture themselves as well as their babies and overcoming barriers to doing this.
    •  Relaxation practices including “Relaxation on the run”- quick ways to relax when you’re short of time.
    • Challenging anxious thoughts and negative thoughts and assumptions about yourself and your situation and developing a kinder attitude towards yourself.
  • Group discussions and peer support from other mums who are experiencing post-natal depression and anxiety.

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