What clients say

This is some of our feedback from our patients who finished treatment with us in July 2016:

‘The service was good, it helped me feel stress free and relaxed, and really helped me get over my issues, my therapist was very kind and helpful and her support has really changed my thoughts and helped with my stress levels.’

‘I do believe that the service I received over the past 9 months is a true credit to IAPT and the NHS. The thoroughness, flexibility and seriousness with which I was treated by both [the therapists] will be something I am forever grateful for.’

‘I was hesitant to start treatment but now, looking back, I’m glad I did. Whilst I know I’m not 100%, I do feel that I have significantly improved thanks to this service

‘An amazing service that should be available to anyone who needs it. I really feel I have been able to move forward in my life. I have a way to go but tools to help me.’

‘Really positive experience. My worry and anxiety were helped a lot. I would recommend seeking advice from IAPT services to anyone needing it.’

‘I feel so much better about myself and [my therapst] has helped me to feel more confident. The CBT has helped me to overcome my problems and I am so much happier with myself compared to three months ago. ‘



Here is some feedback from our Fighting Fear group

‘I really enjoyed the group therapy. I’ve had one-to-one counselling before but didn’t find it as helpful as the type of therapy (service) I received at this group. Understanding anxiety processes is essential to promote self-care in the future and I feel I achieved this with your help. Plus having a plan for future setbacks is very reassuring.’


And someone else told us this about our Stress Control Workshop

‘I found the sessions very helpful and informative allowing me to practice worry strategies on my own to help myself cope a bit better on a day to day route.’


If you have worked with us at Hounslow IAPT and would like to give us some feedback you can do this online.

Please tell us what was good and anything that we could be doing better. Your feedback helps us to improve.

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