Accessing the service

We are able to accept referrals from GPs or other healthcare professionals (e.g. health visitors or community nurses). If you ask your GP to refer you to the service, he or she will be able to complete our referral form and refer you to our service. Alternatively you may prefer to self-refer by completing the self-referral form on this website.

Once we receive the referral, we will contact you to ask you make contact with us to book an initial screening appointment. This assessment is normally done over the telephone (a ‘telephone triage’) and aims to find out more about your difficulties and to check that we are the right service for you. If we are the right service for you, we will talk you through the different options that are available and agree a plan with you which we then summarise in writing.

If we think that another service is better able to meet your needs, we will refer or signpost you to that service.